Providing physical and spiritual food to those in need. And providing help through spiritual counseling, guidance and physical feeding of hot meals at no cost.


The Basics

For a group of 8 or more people, please call us and schedule a time to come in for a volunteer overview.
If you’re not part of a group of 8 or more people, just come on down and upon arrival ask for Pastor Teresa.
You must be 18 years or older to be a volunteer.
Simple duties include:
-Cutting Veggies
-Preparing Salads/Meals
-Cleaning up


New Manna Pentecostal Soup Kitchen volunteers benefit in a variety of ways from their experiences. Because you are using your talents to help other people in need, the immediate benefit of your work is seeing people enjoy a meal that you helped prepare. Yet, more than completing a good work or satisfying an obligation, we invite our volunteers to see themselves as part of a larger community found only in places like New Manna Pentecostal Soup Kitchen. Here, friendships naturally develop among volunteers, and a cohesive community emerges. That is why we, at New Manna Pentecostal Soup Kitchen, encourage our volunteers, when comfortable, to extend themselves to our guests. We intend to feed more than only the body; we intend to feed the soul. When inclined, feel free to begin a conversation with our Guests. Verbal acknowledgements, handshakes, hugs and other expressions of friendship have a transformation affect on Guest and volunteer as well as our world.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are mostly needed to help in the New Manna Pentecostal Soup Kitchen with:
-Preparing food
-Serving the noonday hot meal
-Cleaning up and washing dishes

Additional volunteers are needed for non-kitchen work in other programs of the larger New Manna Pentecostal Association with:
-Sorting and organizing canned goods at the Food Pantry
-Helping with picking up food
-Helping with unloading food from food truck


Doing the work of the New Manna Pentecostal Soup Kitchen is important, but just as important are the contributions volunteers make to the fellowship and community of the kitchen’s staff, volunteers, and guests.

A Volunteer needs to:

-Treat guests and anyone who enters the kitchen with dignity and respect.
-Strive to be a valued member of the kitchen’s community who feels concern for the welfare of all.
-Be friendly, organized, and productive while doing assigned tasks.


Most tasks are simple and do not require much training.

If you are a new volunteer:

-Report to cook Bishop Job or Pastor Teresa the volunteer in charge for the day.
-Follow the instructions and advice our veteran volunteers offer, on-the-job.

How Offten to Volunteer

New Manna Pentecostal Kitchen is open 2 days a week for now, we are currently working on getting a bigger place to fit all our guests in. So volunteers are always needed. There are several options on how often to volunteer:
-One day per week
-One day per month
-On holidays or special occasions
-Whenever schedules permit

Times to Volunteer

Again, New Mann Pentecostal Kitchen is flexible.
-Most volunteers arrive at New Manna Pentecostal Soup Kitchen at 10:00AM on Sundays and 1:00PM on Saturdays, and stay untill its all over to help with all phases of the noonday meal.
-Some volunteers are only able to serve during their lunch hours, and they are also welcome. So if you have some extra time on your hands feel free to sign up to volunteer!