The begining of New Manna Pentecostal

In 1998, a church with an ambitious mission was founded in Moreno Valley, California. In December 1999, my family and I relocated to Washington State to begin our ministry. We officially launched our ministry on May 25, 2000, initially holding services in our home with just two families. A month later, we discovered a church building in Port Orchard, WA.

Shortly after moving into the church, we opened a soup kitchen. On the first day, we served meals to only two individuals in need. However, on the second day, over 200 people arrived to eat! Since then, we have fed thousands from diverse backgrounds. We later relocated to a larger facility in Bremerton WA, to accommodate our growing efforts.

In October 2017, God guided my wife and I to start a new ministry in Arizona and expand our feeding initiative to Coolidge, AZ. As we journeyed to Arizona, we were blessed in numerous ways, encountering wonderful people and forming valuable connections. We are delighted with the local weather and eagerly anticipate sharing God’s word and opening our soup kitchen soon. We look forward to meeting you all at church.